Dented Brick Distillery, Premium Craft Well Gin (NV) · 1 L

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From the distributor:

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dented Brick is an artisan distillery making spirits from grain-to-glass, producing authentic spirits and with them, adding a new chapter to the surprisingly rich story of distilling in Utah. They locally-source organic raw grains and ferment the grains with snow melt from the Wasatch mountains that flows through sand and limestone to their artesian well, shedding impurities and attracting the minerals that make the pure and rich taste of their spirits possible.

Dented Brick was founded by Marc Christensen in 2015. After an exhaustive search to find the right site for his new distillery, Marc struck gold in finding a property owned by a family of well drillers with its own artesian well on site. An artesian well differs from a regular well in that water flows under natural pressure without pumping. In this case, the well on site is drilled down 300 feet through the rock below the property. Everything with distilling starts with the water, and the water from their well is perfectly suited for just this purpose.

85% ABV non-GMO grain neutral spirits of unmatched quality with the ideal organoleptic profile for vodka is sourced and the botanicals- juniper berries, coriander, fennel, citrus peel, and angelica root- are macerated in the spirit at a cold temperature for 48 hours. It is then redistilled to clarify the genever and brought to proof with the most important ingredient — artesian, limestone-filtered water from their on-site well.