Domaine Lesuffleur, La Folletiere (2017)

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This is a knock-your-socks-off bottle of cider. Brisk, amber-hued, tannic, and elegant. Pairs beautifully with spicy curries, cheese plates, and those chic striped nautical sweaters they wear on the coast of Normandy.


A note about producer, Benoit Lesuffleur from importer, Grand Cru Selections:


When Benoit Lesuffleur told his parents he wanted to start using some of the family apple orchards to make cider they told him he was crazy. When he asked again, they just flat-out said no.

The Lesuffleurs have been growing apples in Normandy for generations but for the past fifty years they have been selling all of their fruit to large cider houses. Benoit's parents probably envisioned a more cosmopolitan life for him. Benoit went to school in Paris and still lives there during the week. His “real job” is as a wine broker. He represents Domaine Fourrier, Champagne Tarlant, and Henri Germain, among others, in Paris and sells wine directly to restaurants and retailers.

Having finally convinced his parents that he is onto something, Benoit now has a couple vintages of experience and is slowly taking on some of the best apple orchards on his family's property. He is using a wide range of heritage apples and creating vinous blends that balance sweet, bitter, and tannic varieties.