Le Chat Huant, Tsiturri Vin De France Blanc (2019)

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Sauvignon Blanc, Fié Gris. Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic, Natural, Vegan.

A luxe, Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc that sees a month of skin-contact maceration. Big texture, soft stone fruit, simple perfection.


Notes about the winemakers and process from importer, Franklin Selection: 

Blandine Floch and Jérémie Choquet, two young passionate pioneers of nature, terroir and honest expressions of place, founded their own domaine in 2018. The duo (mostly Jérémie) farms their 4.5 hectares of vines all organically, with utmost attention and respect for the environment always put first. In addition to sulfur and copper, herbal teas and homemade remedies are used to healthily treat vines, as well as encourage biodiversity amongst the vineyards’ ecosystems. The estate’s vines, which range from 35-45 years in age, are located across two communes in Cellettes and Chitenay, situated just ten minutes away from Cheverny. In the cellar, Blandine executes all vinifications via natural processes, with respect for the fruit, environment and final consumer. Fruit is meticulously harvested to ensure that only the healthiest and ripest grapes make the cut. All fermentations are done spontaneously with native yeasts, followed by aging in neutral wood, which allows the wines to breathe naturally. Little sulfur could be used at the bottling, allowing the true terroir of the region and vintage to shine through every cuvée produced.