Swick Wines, Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley (2020)

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Sauvignon Blanc. Sustainable, Organic, Natural.

Oregon-state Sauvignon Blanc that sees 30 days of skin contact. The wine has chewy texture with savory notes of stone fruit and citrus.


From winemaker, Joe Swick:

Our philosophy is to make our wines as naked and raw as we possibly can while having them be fun and delicious. We work with organically farmed vineyards in the colder regions of Oregon and Washington State. We love wines with acid and freshness. We make the wine that we love to drink. No conventional additives. Just grapes and (sometimes) a very small amount of SO2 to keep the wine stable in bottle. Wine is a fermented beverage that should not be a trophy or a status symbol. Wines made in this fashion are artisanal products that reflect their artist and terroir with no maquillage.