Haarmeyer Cellars, St. Rey Chenin Blanc (2020)

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Chenin Blanc. Sustainable, Organic, Natural.

While our hearts will always belong to Loire Valley Chenin Blanc (duh), this northern California expression has captured our attention! Nutty oxidative notes met with ripping acidity make for a fine pairing with roast chicken, to cold Asian noodles, to herby farro salads.


From distributor, Selection Massale:

Haarmeyer Cellars' primary focus is on Chenin Blanc and how it expresses itself, the vineyard, and the cellar. As wine drinkers they gravitate to Chenin Blanc wines irrespective of origin - Classic Loire Valley wines, Savennières in particular, and South African old vine wines are constant reference points. The way Chenin can manifest itself is miriad and compelling. It has naturally high acidity and handles oxidative aging in such a way that the wines are refreshing and sour in their youth and nutty and complex in their old age. Chenin also seems to always express its varietal characteristics and its terroir. Chenin’s Chenin-ness shows itself even when the influence of the cellar is present. This grape is fascinating and their journey starts and ends there. They are committed to exploring Northern California terroirs through the lens of Chenin Blanc.